Posted by: James Rhodes | May 25, 2011

21st May

My first day after finishing exams. How to celebrate? Well, 6 hours in the pub on Friday afternoon.. and then autographing the next morning!

Started off at BBC Radio, where I had gone to meet Louis Theroux and Suranne Jones. Having arrived, found out that Suranne had cancelled, gah!

First to arrive was singer Sophie Ellis Bextor. She kindly signed my autograph book and an index card, and posed for a photo. Somewhere I have a CD by her (from like 2002!) but didn’t go to the effort of trying to find it to get signed!

Next to arrive was journalist and author Celia Walden, but didn’t bother getting her. She was followed by the brilliant Louis Theroux, who turned down a chauffered car and arrived on his bicycle! Louis was late arriving but still signed (dedicating my autograph book with Weird Wishes!), but said he’d pose for a photo when coming out.

Went round to Radio 2, where I got actress Zoe Wanamaker (My Family, Dr Who, Harry Potter) to sign my autograph book. She also posed for a photo, which has to be one of the weirdest I’ve ever had!

Went round quickly to Radio 1 to see if I could meet paralympic champion Nathan Stevens, but his interview was being held over the phone. Went back to Broadcasting House, and got a photo with Louis Theroux.

Then made my way to the Garrick Theatre, where Pygmalion starring Rupert Everett has been having previews. On my way passed through Berwick Street Market, and spotted Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker! As a big Pulp fan, this was highly exciting. He was more than happy to sign my autograph book and pose for a photo.

Got to the Garrick theatre, and first to arrive was The Bill and Eastenders actress, Roberta Taylor. I hadn’t realised that Roberta was in the play, otherwise I would’ve brought my The Bill book to get signed! Will have to go back another day! She kindly signed my autograph book and posed for a photo.

About 15 minutes later, Kara Tointon and Diana Rigg arrived at the same time (sod’s law!). Diana signed a few, but not for everyone, and I wasn’t able to get her. Kara signed my autograph book and two flyers, and posed for a photo with me.

Last one of the day was the fantastic actor, Rupert Everett. Rupert was running late, but still signed and posed for everyone. He kindly signed my autograph book and a flyer, and posed for a photo.

Spotted former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone getting onto a bus, but didn’t bother him. All in all I’m happy, especially with spotting Jarvis Cocker!

Report on the TV BAFTAs, which happened on Sunday, will follow soon!


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