Posted by: James Rhodes | December 17, 2011

10th December

Eric Idle! Mick Hucknall! Kimberley Walsh! James Earl Jones!

So, here’s the rest of the write up from last Saturday (the 10th). I’ve already posted Annie Lennox, but here’s the rest of my day.

Started at the BBC (where I was for Annie), and met a few other famous faces whilst there. First one was comedian Micky Flanagan. I really like Micky, think he’s a really original comedian who has great things to come. Micky was lovely and kindly signed and dedicated an index card for me. However, didn’t manage to get a picture with him as whilst he was signing, former MP, TV personality and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ann Widdecombe left. Ann was quite rushed to get to rehearsals for her pantomime, but kindly signed an index card for me and posed for a photo.

Next to arrive was Monty Python legend, Eric Idle! Now I didn’t expect Eric to be the nicest of guys, so didn’t bring any specific for him to sign. However, he was lovely and signed up a storm. He kindly signed my autograph book, and signed and dedicated an index card for me. He also posed for a photo with me! Such a nice guy, met two Pythons in the space of a month (after John Cleese), not bad going!

Next I met Simply Red singer, Mick Hucknall. Now Mick’s not normally a nice guy, but was in a surprisingly good mood and signed a fair few; I managed to get my autograph book and an index card signed. No chance for a photo with though. Soon after I met fashion icon, Zandra Rhodes, who signed an index card and posed for a photo with me.

I then made my way towards Shrek the Musical, starring Kimberley Walsh. On my way passed the Whyndhams Theatre, where James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave have been appearing in Driving Miss Daisy. Vanessa refused to sign, despite there only being two of us waiting, however  James’ son took items in to be signed, and I got a flyer and index card signed. Very happy; I mean come on, it’s Darth Vadar and Musafa from the Lion King!!

Spotted actress Jemima Rooper walking down the road 5 mins later, so got an index card signed by her. At Shrek, Kimberley Walsh, best known as 1/5th of Girls Aloud arrived and was lovely; she signed and dedicated my autograph book, and posed for a photo with.

Not a bad day! 🙂 More posts to follow soon, have a fair few to catch up on, including the best day of my life, possibly ever!


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