Posted by: James Rhodes | January 29, 2012


So behind on my posts. But here’s part one of two from Wednesday (25th). Part 2 might take me a while to post, as there’s over 80 celebrities to mention. But anyways, wrestling’s not normally my thing, but couldn’t resist trying to meet Hulk Hogan on his first trip to the UK. Had no idea what to expect. Also on was Men Behaving Badly and Quadrophenia actress, Leslie Ash, so kept an eye out for her as well.

Hulk arrived pretty late for his appearance, but was more than happy to sign for the people waiting for him, and to pose for pictures for the paps waiting. He signed through railings, so no chances for photos with.

He kindly signed my autograph book, and then signed and dedicated an index card for my friend (but somehow wrote the wrong name), so kindly signed another index card. Must’ve spent a good five minutes out signing, was uber nice!

Soon after met Leslie Ash. She uses a stick to walk now, and so got in her car and the security passed items to her to be signed. Got my autograph book signed and a DVD cover for a friend. She waved as her car left, seemed like a lovely lady.

All in all a good morning, followed by the National TV Awards. Separate post on them to come, but was a very, very successful evening!


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