Posted by: James Rhodes | April 8, 2012

Harry Potter..

“it seems despite your exhaustive defence strategies, you still have a bit of a security problem headmaster, I’m afraid it’s quite extensive”

So, yesterday I did something I’ve wanted to for a long time and had a Harry Potter marathon; 8 films back to back (well, the first two the evening before). No idea why I’ve wanted to do this but it’s one of those things you have to do before you die, eh? I’d never seen the last film, had purposefully kept away from most of the storylines for it (obviously I knew the main bits, like Harry not dying, but hadn’t known about Snape’s hidden story nor just how awesome Neville was).

Anyways, this made me realise I’ve never posted this one. Which in turn made me realise I’ve not posted any of my BAFTA successes from this year.  BAFTA is responsible for a large number of my HP autographs, and although many have been replicated elsewhere, a BAFTAs without a Potter success would be unimaginable.. finally meeting Bonnie Wright in 2009, getting Robert Pattinson in 2010, finally meeting Rupert Grint and getting a dedicated autograph from Emma Watson in 2011, oh as well as getting two books signed by JK Rowling about 5 minutes later.. Potter is at the heart of my BAFTAs. So how do you top that? (well okay can’t really beat JK Rowling), but I think this is pretty close..

Yep, Mr Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. Only difference to my other HP cast successes, I knew he was coming so had a chance to print a photo. Okay,I knew in 2011 that some cast were going, but not with enough time to print pictures (kinda gutted, have an awesome Emma photo I want signed one day). Anyways, awards came, after a while Daniel came to us, and was absolutely awesome. Couldn’t have been nicer (that photo above says it all really). He was more than happy to sign and dedicate my photo of him, as well as to sign my autograph book. Unlike other years, I was determined to get at least one photo with this time round (my biggest regrets of 2011 was not trying to get photos). and so, here’s one of the greatest photos in my collection..

Seriously awesome!! So much love for Daniel now. In fact I’ve got love for all the cast I’ve met (well, Emma ignoring me in the summer of 2010 harmed my love a little, as that wasn’t on a red carpet so was a truer version of her), but on the whole they’ve been great to me.

Have some more pics too.. including a surprise in Gary Oldman (who didn’t sign, boo).. but he might appear in the next few days on here… 😉

So there you are.. hope you enjoyed this rather random, 2 month late write up. Will get some more BAFTA ones online soon.. have some good’uns this year (this is the best for me though).


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