Posted by: James Rhodes | April 11, 2012


Short and sweet. Empire Awards 2012, Grovsenor House Hotel, 26th March 2012.

One of my favourite meets of 2012. I hardly ever feel starstruck when meeting someone, but did for this 2 minutes. Enjoyed the Empire Awards, but met too many people to mention in one post, so here’s one of the people I met.. Gary Oldman!

I could list loads of things that Gary has been in (Christopher Nolan‘s Batman films, Dracula for example), but to me he’s always going to be Sirius Black in Harry Potter. I’ve wanted to meet Gary for ages but have never had the chance. So I got rather excited when I heard he would be going to the Empires.

He was awesome! He kindly signed and dedicated my 8×10 photo of him as Sirius, although it’s a pretty bad pen. He also signed my autograph book for me, making a very happy James!

Here’s the autographs..

But the highlight has to be getting a photo with him! 😀 so happy, this has to be one of my favourite photos with I’ve ever got. Surreal how awesome one of England’s greatest ever actors was to meet. Very happy James!

Soon I’ll post some more things from the Empires, but nothing will beat this! 😀



  1. congrats man!

    would love to meet him too!

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