Posted by: James Rhodes | February 1, 2013

BAFTA excitement!

Back on the 9th January, the BAFTA nominations were announced. I was excited. VERY excited. There were 4 names that stuck out.

Jennifer Lawrence.

Bradley Cooper.

Anne Hathaway.

Jessica Chastain.

Tonight, with 9 days to go, those 4 names have been confirmed attending. I AM SO EXCITED! Jennifer, I hope you’re as excited to see me again as I am to see you. Bradley, I can’t wait to hopefully finally meet you. Anne, pretty please pose for a photo this time round? Jessica, I didn’t know who you were last year at the BAFTAs, I do now. Eek.

Oh, and someone tells me a certain Emma Watson may be going too. Can this be true? I bloody hope so.



  1. No Johnny Depp for me, lol! V x

    • You never know!
      I see Mark Wahlberg is on Graham Norton’s TV show next week, I wonder if he’ll make an appearance…

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