Posted by: James Rhodes | February 8, 2013

BAFTA weekend, let’s do this!

BAFTA weekend, let’s do this!


Well, I say weekend, for me it’s just Sunday. I did the Saturday once, and it was an absolute disaster, and I’ve never done it since. But of course, it’s BAFTA weekend for the next two days, and the best evening for my collection each year is less than 48 hours away. However

The weather forecast isn’t exactly amazing. But it’s tradition! My 5th BAFTAs, and it’s looking like my 5th with rain. All part of the fun (ahem, maybe not).

Anyways, the highlights: 2009, it was Marion Cotillard and Daniel Craig; 2010 Anna Kendrick, Micky Rourke and Robert Pattinson; 2011 Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Christopher Nolan and JK Rowling; 2012 George Clooney, Daniel Radcliffe and Colin Firth. Not a bad set of names; I wonder who 2013 will bring.

Well, I really, really, really want to meet Bradley Cooper, Danny Boyle, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard and Anne Hathaway (in that order of importance). They’re all favourites of mine, although there are a few more good’uns on the guestlist. Jennifer and Bradley are already in town, Anne & Jessica fly in over Saturday night, Marion could be anywhere right now, and Danny’s a Londoner. If I meet just one of those names, my BAFTAs have been a success. Hmm.

Let the fun commence!



  1. So what happens tomorrow then??

    • Do you mean where I say “I did the Saturday”? I meant I just spent the Saturday in London in 2009 (I think) to see who I would see, and I saw no one, despite so many people being around. So I never did it again

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