Posted by: James Rhodes | October 10, 2013

London Film Festival: Captain Phillips

London Film Festival: Captain Phillips

9th October

Everyone has a film they grew up watching, right? Well, mine was Toy Story. I loved it, and still do. Very little beats it. So imagine my sheer excitement when it was announced that Captain Phillips would be the Opening Gala of this year’s London Film Festival, and that Tom Hanks would be attending. That was two months ago.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous before a premiere. Well, except for maybe The Hunger Games, only because I had a ticket and so had the somewhat daunting task of walking a red carpet for the first time (and maybe because I love Jennifer Lawrence too, back when she was friendly). This however, was different; I hate premieres where only one star is due to attend, it’s all or nothing. Let alone when it’s one of your all time favourite actors. Cue a nervous wait…

Time passed rather quickly, and before long the arrivals had started. Well, I say arrivals, there was only one important arrival. Tom arrived with his wife Rita Wilson, and, nope, he’s not picked up a pen. First he poses for the photographers, then starts talking to the press. Then, suddenly, he runs over, signs 4 or 5, then goes back to doing the press. Not looking good.

Meanwhile, director Paul Greengrass has arrived, and is signing for anyone that wants him. Best known for United 93 and the two Bourne films, Paul happily signed an index card for me.

Whilst Tom is still talking to the press, Rita Wilson has left his side, so we call her over, and she too signs an index card for me.

Tom’s still talking, and, oh, he’s coming right towards where I am. He kindly signed and dedicated my autograph book. Woop! Absolutely chuffed. I did have a Toy Story and a Green Mile DVD sleeve on me, but there was no chance I was getting two; he signed 5 or 6, then went back over to the press. Super happy!

Once he’d finished the press he ran back over to fans further up the carpet, signed 3 or 4, and that was it. He can’t have signed more than 20 signatures. Normally I’d moan about a lack of effort, but I got him so I really can’t complain at all. One of my most wanteds struck off my list!

A handful more people arrived; including Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, who signed an index card for me, as did Monty Python star Terry GilliamLes Miserables director Tom Hooper was there too, but having met him 5 days beforehand I left him.

and that was that. The start of LFF 2013 and so far so good. Now I wonder will the rest of it go to plan? I doubt it, especially when one of the names to come is Joe Gordon Levitt. But the way my luck is going at the moment, anything is possible. But, Anna Kendrick, please please pose for a photo with me next Friday!!


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