Posted by: James Rhodes | October 10, 2013

London Film Festival – Gravity

London Film Festival – Gravity

10th October

This one will be short and sweet from me; for family reasons I couldn’t make the premiere of Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Now I’ve met George a few times now and he’s always been great, but I’ve never met Sandra before and would love her autograph.

As it turns out, George didn’t cross the pond to come to the premiere, but Sandra, director Alfonso Cuaron and producer David Heyman did. Whilst I was stuck at home, a good friend of mine was at in Leicester Square, and kindly managed to get Sandra to sign an index card for me! Really kind of them, and I’m very happy to be able to add Sandra to my collection!

I’m not sure how much she signed in total, but am sure over the next few days I’ll hear. For now though, I’m just happy to have her autograph in my collection. Thanks Ian!

Roll on Labour Day and the next LFF gala!



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