Posted by: James Rhodes | January 16, 2014

Girls Series 3 UK Premiere

Girls Series 3 UK Premiere

15th October 2013

Yesterday afternoon I was in town for a job interview, so it seemed only fair to make the 5 minute journey across to the Cineworld Haymarket for the UK Premiere of hit American TV show Girls. Lena Dunham, Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet were due to attend along with writer Jenni Konner. I thought I was going to be quite late since I didn’t finish the interview till 4.30pm, but having met up with a friend we arrived to find a huge crowd of 3 people waiting. Yep, 3. Hmm. We decided to go off for a walk and came back about 45 minutes before arrivals to a much bigger crowd of 10 or so. By the time arrivals started it had grown to about 20, but was still a lot less than I expected.

Lena Dunham, who plays Hannah (and is also the show’s creator) arrived first, and started posing for photographers. The PA in charge of the carpet kept saying he’d make sure everyone came over to sign which was a promising sign.

Sure enough once she was finished Lena came straight over to sign; she happily signed an index card for me and posed for a photo too. She asked if she could borrow my sharpie to sign for everyone (I was one of the first she signed for), and promised to bring it back. True to her word, when she’d finished signing she came back with the pen and thanked me for letting her use it. Random!

Zosia Mamet and Evan Jonigkeit arrived together and they too posed for the photographers. The PA said Zosia would do some interviews then come over to sign, whilst Evan, who’s recently revealed he’ll be playing Toad in X Men: Days of Future Past, came over to sign first. He signed an index card and posed for a photo.

Producers Jenni Konner and Ilene Landress arrived and posed for photographers, but neither came over to sign. No one made a big effort to call them over though, so I’m not too surprised. Allison Williams who plays Marnie arrived next, and posed for photographers, and posed with Lena and Zosia too.

Just as Lena had, Allison came straight over to sign – she signed an index card and posed for a photo with me too. She looked lovely, and happily signed for everyone who wanted her.

Richard E Grant, best known for Withnail and I, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Iron Lady and recently Doctor Who arrived next (he plays Jasper in the show). After posing for photographers (including with the rest of the cast present) he went straight inside without signing. However, the super PA who’d promised to bring people over ran inside and made him come out to sign! Result! He signed an index card (with his rarer full signature) and posed for a photo too.

Last to arrive was Felicity Jones who has joined the cast for Series 3. She’s best known for her roles in Chalet Girl, Like Crazy and The Impossible Woman, but I know her best from her role in Doctor Who. She posed for photos with Lena, then came over to sign; she signed an index card and posed for a photo too.

With the screening about to start, we came to the conclusion Zosia wouldn’t be back over to sign; the PA said he’d do his best, but after going inside to try and get her to come out and sign, he came back and apologised that she wouldn’t be out until after the screening. He even told us where the afterparty was being held so we’d have another chance there, so it was clear he’d genuinely tried to get her out again, which is rare for a PA here.

I called it quits though, I didn’t fancy another 2 hour wait. However, on my way home I did meet Blackadder star Tony Robinson, who signed an index card and posed for a photo. Bonus way to end the evening!



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