Posted by: James Rhodes | August 9, 2015

Sinatra: The Man & His Music Press Night

Sinatra: The Man & His Music Press Night

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a free ticket for the press night of Sinatra: The Man & His Music at the London Palladium, based on the life and music of, you guessed it, Frank Sinatra. I had no idea who would be the celebrity guests for the evening, but was hoping to be sharing the audience with a couple of good people!

I arrived, met a friend, picked up the tickets, and waited to see who would arrive. It was pretty impossible to get near people as they arrived, but it gave an idea of who to look out for afterwards (or even inside).

First to arrive was Frank’s daughter and fellow singer, Nancy Sinatra. She posed for the photographers waiting, but didn’t sign anything.

She was followed by former Doctor Who star Sylvester McCoy. I’d never met Sylvester before, so was hoping I’d get to bump into him afterwards.

A couple of lesser celebrities also arrived (including Lesley Joseph, Anneka Rice, Owen Teale from Game of Thrones and Paula Wilcox), but I didn’t try to get an autograph from them. It was getting close to the time when we needed to be seated when Stevie Van Zandt, best known as a member of Bruce Springsteen‘s E Street Band and as a cast member of The Sopranos arrived. Wow! I was so excited at the prospect of meeting him afterwards!

We decided to head inside and take our seats. The show was really good, nothing beats archive footage of Frank Sinatra singing My Way in the London Palladium! At the end, Nancy Sinatra came on and gave a really nice speech all about her dad, and how much the show meant for her.

Since he was sitting only 7 or 8 rows ahead of me, I decided that I’d focus on trying to meet Stevie Van Zandt as he left. I didn’t want to stop him inside the theatre, but as soon as he got to the main doors I asked if he’d mind signing an autograph, and he was happy to oblige! I love Bruce Springsteen, and his live album from Hammersmith Odeon in 1975 is one of my all time favourite CDs!

I also spotted Sylvester McCoy leaving, and he was happy to sign an autograph and to pose for a photo.

Just as I was leaving, I saw Paula Wilcox waiting for her taxi, so I got a quick autograph from her too.

And that was that. A fun evening at the theatre, and a member of the E Street Band to top it off!


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