Posted by: James Rhodes | December 12, 2015

The Danish Girl UK Premiere

The Danish Girl UK Premiere

Tuesday 8 December

If at the start of the year you’d asked me to name five people I’d most like to meet in 2015, Alicia Vikander would have been on that list. I think she is a fantastic actress and I definitely have a soft spot for her too. I’ve tried to meet Alicia three times over the past couple of years but have never been successful. So when it was announced that there’d be a UK premiere for The Danish Girl, I couldn’t miss out on going. Maybe it would be fourth time lucky!

I arrived in Leicester Square after work and met up with a couple of friends. Given the size of the set up, it was a pretty small crowd waiting, with the barrier only one person deep (if that) in places. It was pretty freezing, which made the wait seem even longer than it actually was, but after a while the arrivals started. Most of the cast and crew arrived within five minutes of each other, but as we were a bit down the red carpet luckily they had spread out a bit before getting to us.

First to come over was the film’s director, Tom Hooper. Tom was happy to sign and pose as usual; he signed an index card for me, and posed for a photo with me too. I love The Damned United, The King’s Speech and of course Les Miserables, so it is always nice to meet Tom.

Tom was followed by the film’s main star, Eddie Redmayne. The Oscar winning actor for The Theory of Everything spent a fair while meeting fans and signing autographs, and just seemed to be enjoying the evening. Eddie signed a Fantastic Beasts photo for me (for some reason it hasn’t scanned very well), and posed for a photo with me too.

Eddie also stopped for an interview pretty much straight in front of where we were waiting, so I got a couple more photos of him.

A couple of minutes later, the person I was there to meet came over, the beautiful Alicia Vikander! Eeeek! She was really friendly, and thanked us for coming out in the cold. She looked absolutely beautiful! Alicia kindly signed and dedicated a photo for me.

I then asked her for a photo, and she was more than happy to pose for one. Considering it’s at a premiere, I think this has come out pretty well! Happy James!!

I look so happy in that photo! I also got some photos of Alicia talking to the press.

Belgian actor and Far From the Maddening Crowd star Matthias Schoenaerts came over next. He signed an index card for me, and posed for a photo too.

The Golden Compass and Skins star Dakota Blue Richards was a surprise guest on the red carpet. She signed an index card for me, and posed for a photo too.

Actress Jemima Rooper, best known for her roles in Kinky Boots, One Chance, Atlantis and for her theatre work was also a guest. She too signed an index card and posed for a photo with me.

And that was that! A pretty fun premiere, and I’m still super chuffed I finally got to meet Alicia Vikander!


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