Posted by: James Rhodes | March 25, 2016

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Premiere

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Premiere

Tuesday 22 March

Tuesday saw the European premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Leicester Square, the latest DC Comics with with a stellar cast including Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Diane Lane and Jesse Eisenberg. Of course I couldn’t resist being there. I’ve never met Ben, and I always take the chance to break my Amy Adams curse (details of that come later!). Plus, I’d love to meet Gal too. Luckily I’d been at another event two days before, and security had told us how it would work in terms of wristbands, which was a great help.

I arrived and met up with a few friends, including one who’d kindly got me a wristband the day before. It was a big set up, and SUNNY! I was hoping for a good evening. It was a bit of a weird evening in the run up to arrivals – the terrible events in Brussels earlier in the morning had resulted in the press line being cancelled, and a lot tighter security. But it had been decided for the premiere to go ahead, and with the most time consuming event (press interviews) no longer taking place, it seemed there’d be more time for the cast and crew to meet fans. This was half true, but the cast did arrive about 30 minutes later than originally expected (or in one case, almost 90 minutes later, more on that later).

With one exception, everyone arrived in pretty quick succession, but spent a lot of time at the top of the red carpet, so I’ll just write this in the order people came to where I was. First  to come over was the film’s composer, the legendary Hans Zimmer. I had no idea Hans was going to be attending, so this was a massive surprise and bonus! I love some of his film scores, whether it be The Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean or countless others. I’ve wanted to meet Hans since I started this hobby, so was chuffed when he came over – and was lovely. He signed an index card for me, and posed for a photo too.

I could have gone home happy at that point! Hans was followed by Batman himself, Ben Affleck! The star of Argo, Good Will Hunting, Pearl Harbour, Shakespeare in Love and Armageddon was super nice, and signed an index card and posed for a photo too. Of all the people at the premiere, Ben seemed to be the nicest – he signed and posed for photos with as many people as he physically could, and even had a couple of PAs to take photos if fans wanted them to. Tom Cruise style!

Ben was followed by Jesse Eisenberg, who I really like as an actor – I loved The Social Network, and Adventureland is a film I never tire of watching. Jesse was quite quiet, but said thanks for coming to literally every person he signed for. He signed an index card for me, and posed for a photo. Third time I’ve met Jesse, and he’s been the same each time – happy to sign, just quiet.

Next to come over was a very big surprise, Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill! The Star Wars star was here just to watch the film, but still took the time to meet a fair few fans. I’ve never heard good stories about Mark signing, especially away from a paid convention, but I must be honest, he was really nice here. He signed an index card for me, and even posed for a photo too. I’m still in shock! He used his own gold pen, which I think is quite clever since he’s not afraid of using social media to point out fake or real signatures on eBay, and didn’t mind engaging in conversation with people. He didn’t come over at the Force Awakens premiere, so this made up for that!

The film’s producer Deborah Snyder soon followed. She signed an index card and posed for a photo with me. Sadly I missed her husband and the film’s director Zack Synder, but I’m sure there’ll be another chance with him one day.

Oscar winning actress Holly Hunter, star of films including The Piano, Broadcast News and The Firm came over next. She was again really friendly, and signed an index card and posed for a photo with me. So far so good at the premiere!

Superman himself, Henry Cavill, soon followed behind Holly. I’ve met Henry a couple of times before, and he’s been great both times. He seemed a lot more rushed here, but I’ll put that down to an attempt to get to as many fans as possible. Henry signed a Man of Steel poster I’ve had for a while, and agreed to pose for a “very quick” photo. I wouldn’t say it was the best photo in the world, but a photo is a photo! The poster has come out great though in gold I think!

The person I was most hoping to meet in the evening Amy Adams came over next. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have seen Amy on a red carpet, but not met her. I think this was the 6th or 7th attempt I’d tried to meet her! It’s always been funny at the BAFTAs when she’s been nominated, and it becoming a running joke that the one person I’m guaranteed to not meet on the red carpet is Amy. But, at 6:45pm on a Tuesday evening on a warm March day, the curse was broken! Amy was lovely, and even listened to me tell her I’d tried to meet her so many times in the past! She signed an index card, and posed for a photo too! Happy James!!

The film was due to start at 7:15. It got to 7:00, and there was still one person missing – Gal Gadot. 7:05 came, 7:10 came, still no sign. We presumed she had cancelled her appearance. Or at least she’d arrive and just walk straight into the cinema. 7:15 came, still no sign. At about 7:20, when a fair few fans had already left, a car pulled up and out got Gal. She posed for the photographers, and sure enough went straight along without stopping, with her PA telling the crowd “she’d come back”. Hmm. She did an interview on the big stage at the end of the red carpet, signed maybe 3 autographs, and then went straight into the cinema. Come back indeed! I’d heard bad stories about her, and they seemed to be true. The vast majority of people left at this point, but a few of us decided there was no harm in waiting until the cast left, as they were only introducing the film rather than staying to watch it. 20 or so minutes passed, more and more people left.

However… the PA was true to her word. Gal left the cinema, and started signing at the far end of the carpet. Not many, but enough to give hope she’d actually come back down. Sure enough, she did! Wonder Woman signed an index card for me, and even agreed to pose for a photo! Happy James! My camera, well, let’s just say didn’t really work. You can tell who it is, and that it’s me, but I’m gutted it didn’t take a nice photo.

All in all, it was a massively successful evening! I finally broke my Amy Adams curse, got to meet Wonder Woman, and even got a photo with Luke Skywalker! That doesn’t happen every day! I missed Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller (who I didn’t even see!), but I really don’t mind at all. I was still definitely a HAPPY JAMES!


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