Posted by: James Rhodes | October 29, 2016

The Accountant UK Premiere

The Accountant UK Premiere

I’m back! Yes, I know that I’ve slacked a little in these posts during 2016, I’ve been meaning to get an update or two posted for weeks, but put simply I’ve not had a chance to sit at my laptop and type something up! October in particular has been pretty crazy – I’ve been out meeting people on more days than I haven’t! Anyways, last week saw the UK premiere of The Accountant starring Ben Affleck and one of my absolute favourites, Anna Kendrick. I love Anna, and was gutted to be away when she was in London a couple of weeks earlier to promote Trolls with Justin Timberlake. There was such a short gap between that promo trip and this premiere that I was convinced she wouldn’t make the trip over and that only Ben would be there. Even on the morning of the premiere I had that belief; there were photos of Ben arriving at his hotel, but none of Anna. I was ready for disappointment. But then, around lunchtime, a photo was posted on Twitter of Ben and Anna doing a press junket. It was happening!

I got to Leicester Square and met up with a few friends. It was all looking good – sunny skies, a good spot by where the cars stop and a laugh whilst waiting. It all felt too good to be true. Turned out it was – about an hour before arrivals were due to start, it started to cloud over, greyer and greyer, and then the inevitable; the heavens opened. Genuinely, I’ve not stood in rain like it before. Everyone and everything was drenched. There were no signs of it stopping. The warm up man did his stuff, photographers got ready, security were in place, and it carried on pouring. First to arrive was Ben Affleck. Ben spent a fair bit of time meeting people, but it was futile trying to get something signed. He did pose for a photo with me, which sadly didn’t come out. I’ve got two good ones with him already this year, so I’m not too worried about it.

Next to arrive was Arrow actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson. Sadly she didn’t come over to sign, which was a shame but not surprising given the rain. Director Gavin O’Connor soon followed. He posed for a photo with me.

Then we waited; cars pulled up, people got out, bu no Anna. A good 15 minutes went by and there was no sign of her. But the good thing was the rain had started to ease, and sure enough eventually stopped all together. The Gods were clearly feeling kind, as two minutes after the rain stopped, up pulled a car and out got Anna. She started to sign and pose for pictures, but it seemed like her PA was going to pull her away to do press interviews. She carried on going, and then got to us! My heart was in my mouth, but Anna was super friendly! She was super chatty, and signed and dedicated a photo for me.

I then asked her for a photo, and she happily agreed! Cue a very happy James! My camera was playing up, so a friend took it on their camera, and it is possibly my favourite photo with Anna to date.

Since Anna is one of my favourites, and she was being so nice, I couldn’t resist getting a second photo with her on my phone, which she was happy to pose for.

That was that, and it was time to try and warm up and dry off. Despite the ridiculous rain, everything worked out perfectly in the end! After the disappointment of missing the Trolls promotion, this was certainly a nice way to make up for it!


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