Welcome to my collecting blog.

Here I will post any successes I get, with as much detail as I can. Expect it to be pretty quiet at the moment, as I am busy with other commitments. However, any success I get I will post!




  1. Hi James

    your autographs are amazing…..i was wondering will you be meeting Brad pitt, Mila Kunis or Katy perry or eminem anytime soon because i would pay a lot of money to get their autographs

    All the best


    • Thanks for the comment Juliana; sadly not planning on meeting any of them soon, sorry.

  2. Hi James, you’re autographs are amazing! I’d like to ask you a question if possible please, have you got autographs from bands/artists at concerts before? If so, have you waited at the stage door before after? as i’m going to see my favourite band ever, Florence And The Machine in Birmingham, and it would mean the world to me if i could get a picture with Florence Welch, and i’m unsure how to do it as i’ve never done it before?

    Thank you


    • I haven’t, but I’ve never tried. Only ones I’ve met at concerts are support acts who’ve been around at the end at the merch desks. But it’s possible, as long as you can get to the stage door (normally)

  3. How do you get such good spaces at premiers?

  4. Any tips to get good spaces at premieres?

    • be prepared to wait. and normally being close to where people are dropped from the cars is good

  5. hi james. great collections! Wish I could go to some movie premieres as I am a film lover! sadly I don’t live in London so I haven’t been able to do so. Will you go to the batman movie premiere next month? what time do you think I should get there by if I want to get a good place to get autographs? Thank you

  6. Awsome blog James! I loved reading through so many of your sucesses!
    It must have been so, so exciting to have met and chatted with Ewan McGregor! He’s one of my favourite actors. I also can’t believe you’ve met Berenice Marlohe! She’s such a beauty! You are so lucky! I’d die to meet her. Anyways, you’ve met some pretty great actors and actresses out there. 🙂

  7. Hi james I am a wannabe grapher and I am going to my first premiere on the 2nd September at Leicester Square for Rush the movie and was wondering where the best spot to stand for autographs is?

    • hey, not long replied to this on Mike’s blog, but will do again here. Hard to say where’s best to stand as every premiere is different. Try to be as close to the drop offs as you can I’d say though. I’m not sure which cinema it’s at (I’m in NY when it’s on so haven’t looked), but it also depends on which cinema.

  8. It is at the odeon cinema at Leicester square and ok us I’ll try and near the drop offs

  9. Hi James!
    How did you get on the red carpet? Your collection is amazing!

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