Charity Christmas Cards

Charity Christmas Cards

Support for thelucky13challenge

Robin, a friend of mine, is a massive charity fundraiser and raises the majority of his money through auctioning signed memorabilia. As part of his fundraising for this year for Great Ormond St, Children With Cancer UK & Maggie’s Centres, he’s holding an auction of signed Christmas Cards at, well, Christmas.

I’ve been more than happy to get cards signed for the auction whilst I’ve been out and about, and am pleased to be able to do a little to support the fundraising. So far, celebrities including Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Hiddleston, Brian May, Aled Jones, Bill Nighy, Shane Meadows and Gary Numan have signed cards for me for the auction (about 40 famous faces have done so for me so far). This is on top of cards signed for Robin himself, and for our mutual friend Josh who collects in Newcastle.

The auctions will start on the 1st November, keep an eye out for further details! There will be some amazing items in there, all 100% genuine, and all to raise money for some great causes. Last year’s Christmas Card auction raised over £3000, hopefully this year’s total will be bigger!

Click here for more information on Robin’s fundraising.

Full list of celebrities to have signed cards for me to follow here in due course. 



  1. Many thanks for putting this on your blog James, it’s very much appreciated. With thousands of cards going in for auction, it’s going to be HUGE 😀

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